The Worst Thanksgiving Poem Ever

I’m thankful for the smell of roasted turkey

            Though I haven’t eaten it in twenty years.

I’m thankful for the idea of veggie turkey,

            Because bless their hearts, they tried.

I’m thankful for the green bean casserole

            Which foodies disdain but secretly adore.

I’m thankful for the homemade yeast rolls

            Though my heart burns an hour later.

I’m thankful for sage and celery and onions

            But never the corn pudding—yuck!

I’m thankful for pumpkin pie for breakfast

            And deviled eggs for dessert.

I’m thankful for family gathered at two tables

            Sharing four generations of history.

I’m thankful for friends on two continents

            With them, I can always find home.

I’m thankful for my husband and cats

            Family created and family firstly honored.

I’m thankful for my life

            Because let’s face it, I’m awesome…

            Not the best poet, perhaps,

            But awesome nonetheless!

Have a Happy, Awesome and Awfully Poetic Thanksgiving!

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