Wart Remover: On the Mind-Body Connection

Two warts have laid siege to my left index finger for over a year.  Stubbornly, they’ve resisted acid and freezing by both me and my doctor and home remedies such as duct tape and cayenne pepper mixed with vinegar.  Nothing has loosened their hold.

Until recently.  While still present, they are now annoying little brothers who have finally matured and decided that pestering me is not as much fun as it used to be.  They are shrinking, receding in importance.  Why now?  Did the acid finally kick in?

Perhaps.  But I think it’s something greater.  A few weeks ago, I looked at the warts and said out loud, “I am not carrying you into the new year.”  As simple as it sounds—as coincidental, even—I chose to no longer have warts.  It wasn’t even a question of battling them or surrendering; I removed my permission and they’ve been given a time limit to vacate the premises.  And, they are leaving.  Simple as that.  Sounds crazy, right?

If you read my last blog about how I manifested symptoms of whiplash in my body given recent emotional trauma, it’s not crazy.  Our minds and the thoughts that run rampant, the thoughts that hide under the surface only to appear in dreams or tears or sudden feelings of despair, are powerful.  So powerful they can create disease.  Powerful enough to just as easily release what they created.

Is it really that basic?


We can talk ourselves into and out of anything, especially illness.  Observe the language you use on a daily basis.  See if it corresponds to your physical well-being.  Our word choice, often said without much forethought, just may reflect what is happening in our bodies.  I know people who spend too much time and energy pissed off; and strangely enough, they all have suffered from kidney stones.  I know others who focus on how their lives and everyone in them are a pain in the ass and they have problems with either their colons or in the sciatic nerve.  Still others feel kicked in the gut and they have suffered from ulcers to constipation to diarrhea.  As for myself, at various times, I have been so overwhelmed, I repeated like a mantra, I just can’t catch my breath or I just want to scream; my body then responded with tightness in my chest or scratchiness in my throat.  Or more recently, with the whiplash-like symptoms, I realized I’ve been saying too much, I feel like I’ve been run over.  I need no more proof than that.

And it’s interesting: now that I see my warts disappearing because I ordered them to do so, I’ve gained in energy and perspective.  Last night, I told my whiplash the same thing, “I am not carrying you into the new year.”  Because it is bigger and more comprehensive than the warts, it may take longer to go.  Then again, it may not.  I still have one day left before this year ends.  It bodes well that this morning upon waking, for the first time in months, my rib cage did not scream louder than the alarm clock.  It actually felt good.

If I can choose to no longer carry disease, what else can I command to go away?  Lack of confidence, perhaps?  Fear?  A need for approval?  Yes.  I spent many hours writing about my worries and burdens.  I prayed.  I cried.  I repeated affirmations.  All of my actions were positive, a part of a necessary process.  Yet, the fear and self-doubt managed to return.  Perhaps that was my mistake: in trying to rid myself of negative thoughts, into surrendering to them, I accidentally honored them with prominence.  I focused on the wrong thing.  And that focus was no different than the words I used which created my illnesses.  I never actually just said to my fear, “I am not carrying you any longer.”   Perhaps I should.  After all, I can take control of my words and thoughts: it is my responsibility to accept only what I truly need.

And what I need is to carry only the lightest pack.  A pack filled with light.

As far as everything else?  It’s time to lay those burdens down, warts and all.

For more information about the mind-body connection, please read You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  I have found it invaluable in my awareness of how my thoughts and words create my physical well-being.  I recommend it.

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