The World’s Second Worst Halloween Poem

I held a skull close to me
And asked, “Who am I…honestly?”
“I’ll show you.  Follow me,”
The skull said, telepathically.

It led me to an open door
Where bones lay scattered on the floor
And a raven let out a cackled roar
“You will be nevermore!”

“In case you haven’t heard,”
I yelled loudly at the lunatic bird
“I mean right now, you trifling nerd!”
But…the skull had the last word

“You are who you are
And you will always know!
This existential questioning
Has got to go!
Because you’ve forgotten
An important thing:
Today is today
And it’s Halloween!”

“It’s Halloween!” I shouted, running out the door.
“Dear skull, I have a question more important than before!”
“What is it?” the skull huffed, dramatically
“Who shall I be on this Hallowed Eve?”

The skull shook its head and began to moan,
You figure it out! Leave this bone alone!
Be a frog or a witch, a ghost or a spore
Just stop questioning me forever more!”

Happy Halloween!


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