Hi!  My name is Syndy Sweeney and I am a writer, artist, and the creator and instructor of the workshop series, Who the Hell Am I…Honestly?®

For more information, please see my website www.whothehellamihonestly.com

or send me an e-mail at info@whothehellamihonestly.com.

This blog, like my workshop series, is uncensored both in content and language.  Yes, you will find swear words (but not a lot–I leave the more profane items for my personal life).  What I mean by uncensored is that I lay everything out on the line.  In my experience, that is the only way I can grow beyond where I’m at; and if I don’t learn or grow, why bother living at all? 

In this blog, you will find humor, reflection, personal responsibility and perhaps even the occasional bit of self-righteousness (I’m apologizing for this last part right now).  I do my best to protect the privacy of others.  I try not to be exploitive; however, I realize that few of us are ever completely alone and our stories are braided with the stories of others.  And that for me is always the dilemma: how can I be open and honest and yet not reveal too much about the people who have passed through my life or who are still in it?  My goal is to never to hurt anyone and I apologize now if I end up doing so. 

This blog originally started as a way of dealing with a really bad month; a way of shaking off negative experiences and finding the courage to put myself “out there” once more.  It has quickly progressed to a reflection on various themes in my workshop series.  Each post shows my own process, in a small way, to discover just who the hell I am: what did I encounter and how did I deal with each situation in order to find the truth?  My truth?  While it may seem self-indulgent, I think it is also important: I am not a therapist but I have discovered a way to get to the core of my being.  Anyone who reads my blog or attends one of my workshops needs to understand that I can help guide her or him because I have done and continue to do this work myself.  By revealing more of who I am, I hope to show workshop participants that while I will call them on the b.s. they tell themselves and others, I will also create a space of nonjudgment and understanding.  A soft place to unburden and to not hold back.  Yes, the truth often does hurt: it hurts holding it in and it hurts letting it out.  This process is indeed a kind of a hell.  But from hell, the only place to go is up…and that is the most beautiful, phenomenal truth.

Thank you for reading my blog and if you’ve attended one of my workshops, thank you!

Wishing you a day of Blessings and Truth,




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  1. Dee F says:

    How do Blogs work? I am learning the ways of the interWEB.
    P.S. I love your “Thougt for Today: Dear Veteran, Thank you”

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